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Snohomish Garage Doors | So you want to help us out, huh?

We’ve had some very ambitious homeowners greet us when we arrive to fix their garage door and ask if there is any way that they can help us out.  First off, you’re paying us for a service, so there’s no need; more importantly is how dangerous garage door repairs can be for the inexperienced, and we’re looking out for your safety!

You see, garage doors are large, heavy, and can do a lot of damage–  The moving parts can easily get things caught in them and show no mercy–  The springs have a ridiculous amount of energy stored within them.  For someone who’s not well versed in all these parts, how to fix them, and how to maneuver around them, it can be very dangerous.

And that puts the technicians in danger too.

Which is why, when you’re paying us for a garage door services, you can help us out by relaxing in your home and watching TV.

Snohomish Garage Doors | How To Keep Electric Garage Doors In Top Shape

Using an electric garage door is the best option available to any homeowner. This is because an electric garage door not only looks good and appears more luxurious, but also functions in a better way as compared to the older variety of doors. As our lifestyle is running a sprint racing event at full speed, we cannot stay stuck with a garage door that takes more than one minute to open and let us in. This is the reason why the electric garage doors are always the best choices.

Moreover, we always love to use Batman or James Bond style technology to ensure that we are receiving all the perks in life. Garage doors that open within seconds have been residing in our fantasy world for long. However, if you want to be Batman when you come back home after work, you would also have to be Alfred the Butler on weekends so that you can keep the garage door in top shape. Here are a few ways in which this would become possible.

• Schedule tightening and lubrication – all the rollers, tracks and hinges on the door must be tightened at regular intervals in order to make sure that they are working properly. You should go for once-a-year lubrication and tightening schedule and must re-perform this whenever you feel the need to do so. Dried out and dusty parts along with loose hardware can cause issues with the door and might even cause an accident. As soon as you hear the door making any kind of noise, perform this function immediately.
• Perform a balance test – you must also schedule a balance test at least once in a month to check whether things are in a good order. You must ideally shut down and disconnect the system and try to lift the door. If it happens effortlessly, things are good enough. If not, you might need some expert help. Talk to a garage door company immediately. Remember not to be too adventurous while lifting the door manually. If you do not think that the lift is possible, ask someone for help. Failing this, you might be injured by the garage door.
• Clean the doors – dust and dirt are the common enemies of your garage doors. Take time out to wash the door with a sponge and mild soap (that does not contain abrasive substances). It would help improve the function and enhance the looks of your room.


Snohomish Garage Doors | DIY Garage Door Repairs to Avoid

Imagine this: One day you were playing a football game in the park and unfortunately you fell and broke a bone. What would you do? Would you seek professional medical help, or try to repair the broken bone yourself? As strange as this may seem, the same can be said for someone who is trying to take on a major home repair or garage door repair project without professional help. If you want your issue fixed properly and safely, then it is best to leave it up to the professionals.

Broken Garage Door Springs Are A DIY’ers Worst Nightmare!

Spring replacement can be a very tedious and dangerous task, especially if you do not have the proper knowledge or tools to complete the job. Garage door springs play a vital role in the complete operation of the garage door.  The springs are what lifts and supports the weight of the garage door. In fact, the springs do all the heavy lifting. They are wound tightly from the opening and closing movements of the garage door. As with anything under pressure, sooner or later the springs will break. Once you have figured out that your garage door needs some TLC, there are numerous  local garage door repair companies that can help you. Most can send a repairman out the same day! This will ensure that the job is done safely and properly.

Snohomish Garage Doors | Garage Door Safety for Your Family

Most homes have a garage door, and although many people use their garage door every day with no problems, there are a few safety tips that should be considered to protect your family from harm. Garage doors can be safely used, and injuries prevented by following the safety tips in this article.

Safety Tip 1:

Most garage doors already come equipped with either motion sensors or a blockage stop that forces the garage door to go back up when something gets in the way of closing the garage door. This is to ensure that the items in the way (whether they be your vehicle, storage items, or a family member) are not harmed by the garage door when it is closing. The first safety tip is to make sure that this device is currently working on your garage door. In order to do this, place an item (not a person) underneath the door and close it. If the garage door stops when it touches the item, or won’t even begin to close with the item blocking it’s route downwards, then the safety mechanism is clearly working.

Safety Tip 2:

Always, ALWAYS make sure that no one is in the way when you go to close your garage door. Whether or not your safety mechanism is working correctly, it is still important to make sure that no one will be harmed by the garage door shutting. The safety mechanism always has a chance to fail, which could cause injury or even be fatal to anyone that is crushed underneath the garage door. The best way to do this is by looking before you close the garage door. This doesn’t take much time out of your day, so for those that are concerned about time constraints, a life is more important than a few seconds.

Safety Tip 3:

Maintain your garage door and all of it’s components. A well maintained garage door has much less chance of falling and hurting someone, and the safety mechanism will be in better shape to prevent it from closing on anyone or anything. Maintenance of your garage door is a very important step when it comes to preventing family injuries.

Your garage door safety can be boosted significantly by following the three tips that are listed in this article. Your garage door is a necessary part of your household, so treat it with the same caution that you would any other dangerous appliance.

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