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Snohomish Garage Doors | So you want to help us out, huh?

We’ve had some very ambitious homeowners greet us when we arrive to fix their garage door and ask if there is any way that they can help us out.  First off, you’re paying us for a service, so there’s no need; more importantly is how dangerous garage door repairs can be for the inexperienced, and we’re looking out for your safety!

You see, garage doors are large, heavy, and can do a lot of damage–  The moving parts can easily get things caught in them and show no mercy–  The springs have a ridiculous amount of energy stored within them.  For someone who’s not well versed in all these parts, how to fix them, and how to maneuver around them, it can be very dangerous.

And that puts the technicians in danger too.

Which is why, when you’re paying us for a garage door services, you can help us out by relaxing in your home and watching TV.

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